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Orchid & Wildflower in North Cyprus

Orchids Wild Flower in North Cyprus
Natural Beauty of Northern Cyprus...

If you are a nature lover, then Northern Cyprus is a perfect holiday destination for you. Cyprus is a rich country on the aspects of nature and cultural treasures. Northern Cyprus on the other hand possesses %90 of these natural and cultural entities. You can not help falling in love with this spectacular little island after realizing its beauties that nature presents.

Northern Cyprus is a blaze of color from early February to May with beautiful wildflowers along the roadsides and on the mountain slopes. The vivid splashes of color are wonderful; visitors who have never been interested in flowers before are intrigued and it is a heaven for the serious botanists. Although autumn and winter were dry the wild flowers seem to survive and, in March and April, give a tapestry of vivid colors all over the fields and mountains.

Orchids & Wildflower walks

There are 1250 native plant species to Cyprus, 17 endemics (only found in Northern Cyprus) and around 30 different species of wild orchids. The season for the orchids is late February to early May and you can expect to see up to 14 different species flowering at one time if you choose to visit North Cyprus in March or April. One of the earliest Orchids is the quite rare Fan-lipped Orchid (Orchid collina) and can still be found at the beginning of March in shady, moist places. The Giant Orchid (Barlia robertiano) is aptly named and is vulnerable as Cypriot people still pick the blooms to take home and put in a vase! The very rare orchids punctuate is seen in a profusion in certain areas during March but you have to know where to look as the yellow petals blend in easily with the natural surroundings. The beautiful Cyprus Bee Orchid (Ophrys kotschyi) is the orchid endemic to Cyprus and is a favorite with visitors who visit later in month.

There are opportunities to learn about the flora of Northern Cyprus whilst visiting the country and also have an interesting day in a traditional, Turkish Cypriot villages. Maureen and Tony couple are have been organizing orchid and wildflower walks from their small organic smallholding for a number of years. The day starts at 10am with walk to the east into the mountains amongst the beautiful wildflowers that are seen in abundance in the area. The place is relaxed with time to take photographs natural beauty of Northern Cyprus, admire the beautiful views and learn about the history and geology of area. Lunch is home baked and served under the carob trees back at the farm, new friends are made and information exchanged. In the afternoon the walk is in a different direction and also takes in the village with its fascinating architecture and traditional buildings. The day ends with a visit to the medieval Maronite Church near the center of the village followed by afternoon tea and carrot cake at the farm.

Visitors who enjoy staying in a quiet, mountain location should consider staying in the delightful, self contained cottage in the farm. The cottage is secluded with its own garden, views are amazing in all directions, the atmosphere is serene; you feel that you are in real Cyprus.

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