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Kyrenia Nightlife - North Cyprus

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Top Kyrenia Clubs

  • Cage Club

    Cage Club

    Located in Cratos Hotel, Cage Club is perfect for dancing the night away...

  • Club Locca

    Club Locca

    Located at Escape Beach, Club Locca is one of the rare places to have fun...

  • Odyssey Club

    Odyssey Club

    Located at the Lord's Palace Hotel, Odyssey Club offers stunning visual shows...

Kyrenia: The Best Town to Stay for the North Cyprus Nightlife

Kyrenia nightlife for a sophisticated evening in Northern Cyprus...

A million miles away from the hot, searing, throbbing nightlife in places like Ibiza dedicated only to the young, Kyrenia offers much more and to all ages.

If your preference is for an evening meal in a delightful ambience then you need look no further than the harbour front. There is hardly a more picturesque place anywhere to dine and it really comes into its own in the evening with the joyful chatter of diners, the scurrying of waiters, the tinkling of glasses and yachts dancing by the quay side. Away from the harbour front there are restaurants of a different character often offering fewer international and more local dishes on their menu. Outside town too there are a good number of eating places which have earned themselves a good reputation over the years.

For a quiet or a noisy drink, you don't need to travel very far to find a suitable bar. If you want to sing your heart out then find a karaoke bar or watch a big screen, it's all there including places where you can enjoy life music, test your brains with a quiz or just drink quietly and nibble.

The night club scene in Kyrenia is a good way to dance the night away. Clubs don't usually open until later in the evening and offer a friendly environment. Some of the hotel night clubs too are very popular and they are open to non-residents. In the height of summer, when it is far too hot to dance inside, then head to the beach to dance under the stars. There iare Acapulco, Club Mansion at Cornaro Beach and Shayna Beach Club in the east and Escape Ice Club in the west for outdoor summer dancing. Avoid the out of town clubs with strange names which are male only preserves.

For a really sophisticated evening, head for a casino. These are very popular and many offer a free meal and a drink with your first stake. Here you can play the tables or the machines and, if you are lucky you might leave with more than your stake. Many of the leading hotels have casinos tucked away but to enter any casino you will need your passport. Remember too that some require a certain dress standard, at least smart casual.

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