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North Cyprus Shopping

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Shopping in Northern Cyprus

Shopping in North Cyprus is a great fun. There is no shortage of shops in North Cyprus but don't expect huge familiar international clothing outlets, for example. It's still a society of small shopkeepers in the main. Any upmarket shop for ladies and gents clothing is only likely to be found in Nicosia, Famagusta and Kyrenia. The local produce and many imported brand names are available in local shops. Wander around the old quarters of these places especially and, anyone over fifty will feel nostalgic for the shops of a past era. Markets are still a magnet to visitors and there is no shortage of these and some excellent supermarkets, of particular interest to those who self-cater.

Markets and supermarkets are a window on local life and culture. Wednesday sees the outdoor market in Kyrenia in full swing. The choice of fresh fruit and vegetables is amazing. Also on offer are fresh local cheeses such as nor and halloumi along with honey, olives, nuts, dried fruit, textile and every kind of gifts. In most supermarkets, one unfamiliar product on offer is harnup pekmez (carob syrup) which is delicious on cereals and in stews or stir-fries. At the bakery section try acma, a delicious sweet bread bun, or a tahinli, a spiral bun with tahin paste (sesame seed) folded inside. Supermarkets, especially in tourist areas, also sell English language newspapers both local and international. Many large, clean modern supermarkets are scattered all over the island in main areas of population and they're open seven days a week until late.

It's still a 'make do and mend' society where, in the larger towns, it's still possible to find a back street cobbler to repair that broken sandal strap or belt. Local tailors will mend, shorten or alter clothing and there is no shortage of 'made to measure' specialist tailors where a suit, dress or skirt can be made up in a few days. Adaptors and chargers for mobile phones are also easily available for those who forget theirs. The jewellery (silver and gold) shops are also available. There are also many quality furniture stores in North Cyprus.

Craft markets are a popular weekend pastime and there is a large one at Lambousa in Lapta on Saturday mornings. Everyone joins in including the local Cypriots and ex-pats. An amazing array of goods is on sale and there is no shortage of second-hand paperback for those short of a holiday read.

The Bazaar in Nicosia

In Nicosia, The bazaar is a covered indoor market and has a large selection of local produce. You will enjoy shopping in this market, everything is from cheap prices.

North Cyprus Markets

If you are interested in every kind of local produce, there are open markets available in the towns. From fresh vegetable to textile everything can be found in these markets. In kyrenia, local market is on every Wednesdays and in Famagusta, in every Fridays.

North Cyprus Shopping Hours

Shops in North Cyprus are usually open from 8:00am to 5:00pm in Winter, and from 8:00am to 2:00pm and then 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Shopping Tours

Most of the travel companies arrange shopping tours to Nicosia. If you would like to attend one of these tours you can speak to your representative or front desk in your hotel.

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