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Guzelyurt, North Cyprus

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Guzelyurt (Morphou)

Situated in the north-west of Cyprus Island, on the northern skirts of Troodos Mountains, to the east of the blue Mediterranean, on the greenest plateau in Cyprus, is the charming town of Guzelyurt (in Greek: Morphou). You can see the scenic harmony of all tones of green in Guzelyurt and its environment rich with citrus groves and subterranean sources.

Guzelyurt (meaning beautiful land in Turkish) is one of the richest agricultural areas in North Cyprus. Rich in underground water reserves, consequently the leading part of the TRNC in citrus farming, delicious oranges, lemons and limes of Cyprus. Among all the local festivities, Güzelyurt Orange Festival which is organized every year during May and June is the most sought after and mostly renowned one.

Guzelyurt, like other towns in North Cyprus, has been home to many great civilizations throughout history; visit the Soli Ruins (600 BC), ancient theatre, Vouni Palace (5th Century BC), Tumba Tou Skuru residential areas (dates back to the early Bronze Period), St. Mamas Monastery and Icon Museum (a Byzantine building), and you will see. The natural beauties of Guzelyurt are also to be seen. Especially the west side where Guzelyurt meets the Mediterranean is ideal for vacation and relaxation, preferred both by tourists and locals.

There are not many luxury hotels or resorts in the town of Guzelyurt but it is one of the best places to feel the daily cultural life of Turkish Cypriots. You can join on a daily tour to explore the Guzelyurt area; the tour can be arranged with your hotel reception or local travel agency.

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